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With the end of the COVID19 crisis in sight, we can't afford to be complacent. An even bigger crisis looms on the horizon, with climate change marching mercilessly on. Even as we solve the novel coronavirus problem, we need to start work on the next big challenge that faces us all.

Solving this crisis is going to take action at every level of society: the combination of individual choices, corporate changes and government policy will be needed for us to turn the carbon corner. The stakes are high: our very way of life — and possibly even our surivival — are at risk.

However, this journal is designed to be upbeat and future looking. My late father once told me that it was better to run towards something, rather than away from something. I think that's true of the climate crisis: we've been guilty of dwelling on the threat of the climate crisis, but not in creating a vision of a zero-carbon, sustainable economy and lifestyle.

This journal is dedicated to telling the stories of those people, places and companies that are building a better future for us all, with smart changes to lifestyle, innovative products and business models and new legislation that paves the way for a greener world.

If this sounds like something that you'll value — and which will help you play your role in this struggle — please sign up for our newsletters, and keep watch the site. We're going to start with curation of useful, fascinating reads from around the web and — when lockdown eases, and time allows — original journalism, both written and video, to help you chart this path to a better world.

This is the defining challenge of our lifetimes, people. Let's do it with determination — but also hope. We can build a better, more sustainable world.

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The Editor

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